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Outlook not Sending Emails or Stuck in Outbox: How to fix it?

We all are so much in need of a platform like Outlook. It gives us entirely free space to exchange information and allows us to communicate with each other in the form of emails. It provides us with various benefits and drawbacks too. Problems like cannot send emails from Outlook 2010, is a common issue but it demands a proper solution. Fix it manually or take the help of experts, but make sure you do fix it.

Email Stuck in Outbox Outlook: Why?

The various users of Outlook often complain about this issue. This is a situation where many of the emails get stuck in the Outbox. The various emails are on hold or get trapped in outbox and this how Emails stuck in Outbox Outlook. In this situation, you can try to resend the message, by following the steps.

Ø At first, go to the send/receive tab

Ø Click on send all

Ø A dialog box appears on the screen

Ø Your email might exit the outbox

If the above-given steps are not useful for you, you can follow the given steps. Have a look!

Check if your Outlook is online or not!

At the bottom of your Outlook message, you might see a message saying ‘disconnected’ or ‘trying to connect’ this particular message could explain why your emails are not sending! If your email is hosted on-premise exchange server, the possibility is local-server might be down. In this case, you have to check with your admin. You should make sure whether your Internet is working properly or not! If not, then connect it properly.

Set your mail settings!

Ø Check your setting of mail properly. If you have set the settings stating ‘set a rule to delay message sending’. You would definitely see your mail in outbox for a while.

Use the correct password!

Ø If you recently changed your Password, you would have to make sure ‘outlook’ knows correct Password or not. From the file tab, select account settings. Select account settings again. Now, select your account, and then click on change. Under login information, type your new password, in the password box.

Do not attach large attachments!

Ø If you have attached a large file to your email, you may find it not sending and getting stored in outbox. The reason is that large attachments take time to send. It might create issues for other emails too, as large attachments create the problem of blocking other subsequent emails.

Directly re-send from the Outbox

Ø If your mail isn’t sending, you are supposed to re-send it. Open your mail from the Outbox, browse to a new folder (So, you won’t automatically re-mark it as read)

Ø Now, click send on the stuck mail

Cannot send emails from Outlook 2010: How to fix it?

These are the ways or steps you can try to fix this issue manually. If you ever want to fix this issue, manually, you can read and learn from this article. Follow these steps one by one and try to fix it. On the hand, if you are unable to sort this manually and need expert advice, you can take the help from Outlook Customer Support Number.

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