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How to Reinstall Google Chrome

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A freeware web browser Google Chrome was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Google Chrome enables many different types of electronic or digital services. Apart from web search engine Google, it has many varieties of products – Google AdWords, tools for SEO analytics, remote file storage, and many cloud services. An installation issue can occur with Google Chrome such as contradictory with third-party plug-in. You need to delete and reinstall the browser. It will reinstall the latest version of Google Chrome. Contact for Help is an authentic directory to troubleshoot how to reinstall Google Chrome. To Fix Google Chrome Installation Errors, you can consult with technicians to troubleshoot all the issues.

Step by Step Solution to Reinstall Google Chrome:

  • It is necessary to make a backup copy of your bookmark. You need to click on the “Customize and Control Google Chrome.”
  • From the menu, you need to choose “Bookmarks,” then “Bookmarks Manager.”
  • You need to export bookmarks to HTML file and then click “organize.”
  • With selecting the location, you need to choose a file name and save it.
  • In the Windows reinstallation, from the start screen, you need to type “Control Panel.” You need to click uninstall a program from programs icon.
  • You need to click Uninstall and close programs and features Windows, if the process is complete.
  • You need to download Google Chrome from the official website of Google Chrome.
  • You need to click the download chrome from the official website and you will have to accept and install Google Chrome.
  • In the OSX Reinstallation, you will have to open the Google Chrome folder.
  • To the Trash icon, you need to drag the Google Chrome.
  • In the installed Application folder, you need to make administrator privileges first.
  • As the user of the administrator, select “log out,” then log back and then delete chrome.
  • From the official website of Google Chrome, you will have to download Google Chrome and accept the license and install the file.
  • You need to open the downloaded file.
  • It is necessary to install the Google Chrome from “Applications” folder.
  • In Linux Reinstallation, you need to begin the package manager or the software manager for distribution. In the system setting page, the package manager can be marked “install or remove software.”
  • For package manager, it is necessary to search “Chrome.”
  • And, remove the Google Chrome from it.
  • In the link resources, go to the official page of Google Chrome, and download the latest version, which would compatible with Linux.
  • To import B  ookmark, it is necessary to open Google Chrome.
  • In the menu of customizing and configure, choose “Bookmarks.”
  • In bookmark manager, click “Organize” and select “Import Bookmark from HTML File.
  • Locate and select the HTML bookmark of previously saved. After this, you need to import your bookmark.

While doing these steps if you are facing any problem, you can contact from technicians to get Google Chrome help. Representatives at Google Chrome are available to fix the issues with 365 days and 24X7days availability. Therefore, you should not feel anxious. Put your phone into your hand and dial the certified professional at Google Chrome.

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