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How to Install a TRENDnet Wireless Router

Trendnet manufactures very high-speed wireless routers. They are supposed to be the fastest wireless router. TRENDnet wireless router fulfills all your home and business needs. If you are looking for Wireless router to experience the gigabit wireless speeds, TRENDnet wireless router can be your smart choice. They save your time and money because you can setup an Ethernet connection without wiring. You can access high-speed Internet surfing by connecting your multiple devices with TRENDnet wireless routers, which enable safety measures to secure the network connection so that your devices could prevent malicious users from hacking all the information what you send and receive while surfing the gigabit wireless speed. Representatives at TRENDnet are available to troubleshoot all the issue with 365 days and 24X7days availabilities. Therefore, users can ask all questions related to how to install a TRENDnet Wireless Router via TRENDnet phone number. While you are trying to install a TRENDnet Wireless Router first time, you can have many issues due to not familiar with networking terminology. But, this process is not difficult. You can complete it easily with some steps.

How to Install a TRENDnet Wireless Router?

  • From a power outlet disconnect the cable modem and connect an Ethernet cable to the modem as well as the “WAN” jack on the wireless router.
  • You need to plug an Ethernet cable in “LAN” jack and connect to the computer.
  • You need to connect the cable modem and the wireless router.
  • Switch on the power button of the TRENDnet device.
  • Ensure “LAN,” “WAN,” “WLAN” and “POWER” switch ON.
  • “POWER” light should remain solid, and “LAN,” “WAN,” “WLAN” should be flashing, or blinking.
  • Search for in web browser.
  • You need to use “admin” as the username and click “OK.”
  • Choose the WAN setting from Network and select DHCP from the connection type menu and then click apply.
  • You need to click wireless and choose “Basic.”
  • Select a unique name for the network into the Wireless SSID field and click “Apply.”
  • From Wireless menu, you need to select “Security.”
  • You need to select “WPA2-PSK” from the Security mode.
  • Now, you will have to select the passphrase, which should be 8 to 63 alphanumeric character or 64 hexadecimal characters.
  • And, then click to apply.
  • Doing this way, you can finish setup the TRENDnet device.

If the installing Wireless issue has not resolved so far, you can contact TRENDnet via contact for help. Contact for help is a trustworthy catalog to get a verified phone number so that you could not face any inconvenience.

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