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How to Fix HP Printer Wireless Connectivity Issues?

With increasing adoption of mobile media and slimmer laptops in the workplace, wireless printing has acquired the rule in the market with the same percent as it is growing. Wireless printing is normally effortless and a lot better than having to dispute with thick, tangled serial, parallel USB printer cables. Plus, the user is not tied to a single machine like a big desktop PC. But there are times when the user faces issues with the connectivity. Therefore, to troubleshoot it here are some of how the user can do it.

Troubleshooting HP printer wireless connectivity issue:

With many HP printers, there should be a field labeled connectivity. If the user sees the word "PASS" in this field, then a connection survives. If not, then the printer is not connected to a network.

  • Verify the router configurations and look at how to connect the printer again from the start. There are many options for doing so, including WPS/Wi-Fi Protected Setup, HP Wireless Setup Wizard, and HP Auto Wireless Connection, which is apparently the easiest as explained in this HP process.
  • The current configuration area has a field called Network Name (SSID) that should include the name of the wireless network. If not, then follow the directions from the first bullet point to get a network connection up and running.


Any error messages that may arrive in this report, they may present more information that could explain why the printer has stopped working with the network.

These are some of the ways in which the user can follow the steps involved in connectivity. If the user still has issues regarding this topic, then they can contact the HP Phone Number for more information on the related topic. The professionals would help the user with the issue and problem.

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