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How to fix HP Printer Office Jet Pro Failure

Error 0x6100004a?

· HP Printer

Printers generally go through few of the common problems, even though HP printers are famous but they have different errors that need time and patience to be resolved. Now, the common issues those printers face due to the HP Printer Office Jet Pro Failure Error Ox6100004a.

  • Too much time in printing: Sometimes, the printer takes too much time just to complete its primary work called the printing. Slow printing or need for more time in printing could be due to a high-resolution setting, memory issue could be another big reason for slow printing. Last but not the least, choice of drivers also puts an impact on the timing of printing.
  • Paper jams: Misangled paper or inserting dirty paper can cause this issue
  • Bad printing: Even if the cartridge is full, the printing is not so cool. The printing looks smudgy, have a poor quality of printing, or have faded printing

Method 1 to fix HP Printer Office Jet Pro Failure Error 0x6100004a

These are some of the common problems with the printers. Now, in this article we would like to discuss the various problems related to the HP Printer Failure 0x6100004a, the steps are given below:

  • The first point is to clear out that to fix HP printer error; we can follow two methods, to resolve this issue. The steps are, the first method and its steps are:
  • At first, you are supposed to click the start button, to view the start menu
  • As you are done with the first step, move to the second step, the second step is to choose a control panel option
  • Now, as soon as you enter click on device manager
  • Now, on your computer screen, Device manager opens
  • Now, you are supposed to click on Network adapters
  • Now you are required to Right click on Network or wireless adapter which you want to check at last on Properties
  • You can now see your driver’s state clearly
  • Now, if you can see the device working properly, it shows that it works well
  • On the other hand, if your driver does not work well, then you are supposed to click on the driver to see driver’s details
  • Also, you need to update
  • Now you are supposed to update driver, rollback driver, disable the driver or uninstall the driver

Method 2 to fix HP Printer Failure 0x6100004a is:

  • As soon as you are done with driver un-installation
  • Next, you are supposed to restart the computer
  • Now, plug the drive device on it
  • The computer will detect the device after start-up
  • Now, click Start, Type device manager
  • Now, you should click on the first searching result
  • Now, find and Double click on the device category, which you want to install the driver
  • Now, as you are done with the last step, you are supposed to move to further step and that is to Right-click the device and chooses Update Driver Software
  • Now, you are required to select browse my computer for driver software on the newly appeared window
  • Now, you are supposed to pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  • Now, install the driver that ends with legacy,
  • Now, click next

We hope this article is helpful for you but in case you need more help, regarding any of the questions, you can definitely contact HP Phone number.

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