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How To Fix Errors In Kodak Wireless Printer?

The technology of printer has evolved remarkably, and you will witness many wireless printers in the market today. Kodak printer is one of those printers which pride itself on the low cost of its consumables. All of its Series are pigment inks which are designed for use on porous instant-dry papers. Since the user is using a device which has no immunization of lifetime, there have to be possibilities that they face an issue in their printer. Many issues can be solved quickly, whereas some require assistance. Use the following information to help troubleshoot problems with your printer.

Issues faced by Kodak wireless printers:

Before going through the issues faced by Kodak printer, you need to install your Kodak printer for window 7 or any another window which your system might be consisting of. After you have installed your printer to your system you might face the following issues.

  • Printer fails to turn on
  • The system does not detect the printer.
  • Paper jamming
  • Experiencing low quality printing
  • Unable to send or receive fax

Troubleshooting errors faced in Kodak printer:


Printer fails to turn on

  • Verify that you are using the power cord that was available with your printer and the system.
  • Verify that the power cord is associated with the AC adapter and should be plugged into a power strip that the LED on the AC adapter is attached to.
  • Verify that the power cord is imminently connected to the power cord port at the back of the printer.

The system does not detect the printer:

  • Verify that your printer is plugged correctly.
  • If you are likely to use a USB cable, make sure that:
  • It is a High-Speed cable.
  • It is attached to both your printer and your system.
  • Start the system if the USB cable is disconnected from the printer then try to reconnect it again, or if power to the printer was interrupted.
  • If you are likely to use a wireless connection, make sure:
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity LED on your printer is glowing steadily.
  • The printer is supposed to be connected to your wireless network.
  • To check:
  • On the printer, press Home.
  • Press "Network Settings" option and then press OK.
  • Select "View Network Configuration" option and then press OK.
  • Verify that the Active Connection Type is Wi-Fi and that the IP Address is not zeros.
  • Your router is transmitting data.
  • The firewall (excluding WINDOWS Firewall) is allowing the services needed for your printer.

Paper jamming

  • See for paper behind the duplexer or in the rear-access cleanout field.
  • Remove the duplexer and lightly remove any paper from inside the printer.
  • Verify that the paper in the tray is free of tears or creases.
  • Verify that you do not overload the paper tray.

Experiencing Low quality printing

  • Verify that the paper is loaded accurately.
  • Orderly the print head:
  • Tap Home.
  • Select "Maintenance" option, and then tap Ok.
  • Select "Clean Print head," then tap Ok.
  • Liberate the printer:
  • Tap Home.
  • Select "Maintenance" option, and then tap OK.
  • Select "Calibrate Printer," then tap OK.

Unable to send or receive fax

  • Verify that the phone line is plugged into the Line of the port.
  • See that the wall jack is working when plugged into the phone.
  • See that region is fixed to the correct country code.
  • Tap home button.
  • Select "Printer Settings" option, then select OK.
  • Choose your country, then tap OK.
  • If you have DSL phone line, then the port should be connected to DSL filter.

It is possible that the user still faces issues in there printer system and need assistance for the same, therefore they can contact the Kodak customer support or connect to the website “contactforhelp” to avail the list of all verified numbers.

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