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Facing Issues On Mozilla Firefox While Working On Mac - How To Solve It?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most reliable and easy to use the browser of today's time. The users utilizing this platform have always received good performance. But often they face numerous troubles while working on it and its functions, primarily when they are working on MAC platform. Therefore, to solve the issues related to Mozilla Firefox working on MAC the users can follow these fixes:


1. Freezing and Slowing of Firefox

The browsers are expected that they should work slow or freeze at any point. So if the Firefox is lagging and hanging, disappointment sets in pretty quickly. In situations like these, the user can force quit it for a temporary relieve. The user can follow these steps for the solution.

Close all the unnecessary tabs even if it is not being used. It is because multiple applications will take up system resources and slow the Mac down.

  • Update Firefox for performance improvements.
  • Clean up Firefox and MAC system
  • If Firefox continues freezing or is just usually sluggish, it could be an issue of the browser that has history, cache, and other files adhering.

To manually clear the history the user can follow these steps.

  • Navigate to history option.
  • Clear recent history options
  • Tap on details to share the full list
  • Examine what should be removed
  • Be sure that the “Time range” is set to everything
  • Tap clear now

An alternative way to clean up Firefox

  • Download the "CleanMyMac3" for free and run it
  • Choose system junk tab
  • Tap on Scan
  • Tap on clean
2. Firefox Crashing

To solve the issue of Firefox crashing the user should start the system in safe mode. To start the system in Safe Mode, the user has to follow the following points

  • Tap the Firefox menu button
  • Tap on Help
  • Choose restart with add-ons disabled
  • The user can also launch Firefox while pressing the shift key to start in Safe Mode.

Alternative Solution

The user has to manage the Firefox add-ons. The user can do this by following these steps:

  • Tap the Firefox menu button
  • Choose Add-ons and then select extensions or appearance
  • The user then has to disable or enable as they like
  • Next restart the Firefox
  • How to manage add-ons manually
3. Firefox not Loading the Pages

When web pages fail to open, it’s a little annoying; examining that the primary task of a browser is not working the user goes into a dilemma on how to solve it. The first action is to open a fresh tab and examine other sites. If they aren’t loading either, the next step would be to explore other browsers. The issue might be in the proxy settings. If the user is using a proxy server to browse the web, it could be the difficulty that is stopping Firefox from oppressing pages. To check if the user can follow the following options

  • Tap on the Firefox menu
  • Navigate to options and then go to advanced option and visit network
  • Tap on settings under connection
  • Choose the "No Proxy" option
  • Finish events and reload the web pages

It is possible that the user might face issues even after following the above steps; in situations like these, the user can contact the Mozilla Firefox support phone number to have a detailed version of the solutions and fixes.

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