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6 Solutions to fix Chrome Kill pages Problem on Windows 10

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser among Windows users, though; some problems continue to occur when using it. This is a resource-intensive program, so if you try to open many tabs when various applications running in the background, it’s the reason of Kill pages error to encounter. This failure can be problematic because you will require refreshing some sites, and sometimes you might even be unable to find the information. In most cases, your computer configuration, slow Internet connection, and unresponsive scripts can also cause this error. Fortunately, you can contact at the Google Chrome help number to get the problem fixed, and even try the following workarounds.

Fix 1 – Disable Sandbox mode

Chrome includes the Sandbox mode to protect you from malware and viruses. Mainly, it means that Chrome provides a new route for each new tab that you open, so keeping possible issues with malware included to the single mode. Though it’s the best security method, it can consume too much system resources at times and can be the reason of Kill pages error. To solve this issue, you need to disable the Sandbox mode. Here’s how to do:

  1. Find the Chrome shortcut icon, right-click on it and select the ‘Properties’ tab from the menu.
  2. Click the ‘Target’ text field, and insert the –no-sandbox after the following quotes “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” and ensure that you have not changed anything among the quotes.
  3. When it’s completed, click the ‘Apply,’ and then the ‘OK.’

Solution 2 – Turn Off third-party cookies

For all browsers, cookies are necessary part to improve the browsing experience since they save bits of information you search over the Internet. However, sometimes cookies can cause Kill pages error to display. So, it’s suggested to turn them off. To disable cookies, do that following:

  1. Go to your Chrome browser and open a new tab. Input the chrome: //settings/content.
  2. In the Content Settings dialog box, select the checkbox next to the Block third-party cookies and site data.
  3. Click the ‘Done’ button to apply changes.

Turning off third-party cookies isn’t an appropriate solution, mainly because many websites depend heavily on the cookies. However, if you’re often facing Kill pages error, you can try this as a possible solution.

Solution 3 – Remove / rename Default folder

Google Chrome saves most of its cached information in the Default folder. If you’re often facing the Kill pages error, you should try removing and renaming this folder to fix this problem. To do so, you can try these steps.

  1. Press the Windows Key + R and type the %localappdata%. Click the ‘OK’ button or press the ‘Enter’ key.
  2. Navigate to the Google > Chrome > User Data folder.
  3. Find a Default folder inside the ‘User Data’ folder. Now, delete this folder or rename it to Default Backup.
  4. Exit the User Data folder and open Chrome again.

Solution 4 – Set High-Performance profile

You might get the Kill pages error if you’re using a laptop in any other process instead of High Performance. Even different modes don’t use the hardware correctly to reserve power; thus you might face performance problems when using such methods. To solve this issue on your laptop, you have to create High Performance as the current profile. Here’s how to do:

  1. Press the Windows + S keys and type power. Choose the ‘Power Options’ from the menu.
  2. If there is no High-Performance plan, click the ‘Show extra plans’ button and choose the ‘High Performance.’

Keep in mind that this profile will consume more of the battery power, so draining it quicker, but you should get better performance when using it.

Solution 5 – Turn Off hardware acceleration

Disabling the hardware acceleration is the best way to solve the Kill pages error. You just need to try the following steps to turn it off.

  1. In Chrome browser, click the ‘More’ menu located on the upper right side and choose the ‘Settings’ icon.
  2. Move down to the end of the ‘Settings’ page and click the ‘Show advanced settings’ link.
  3. Navigate to the ‘System’ section and deselect the checkbox next to the Use hardware acceleration while available.

Solution 6 – Reinstall Google Chrome

If you’re still facing this error with the Chrome browser, you might need to reinstall it. You can uninstall it merely by accessing the ‘Settings’ app, and then the System > Apps & features. Find Chrome in the list and uninstall the program. If you don’t know how to uninstall the program, you must try these Steps to Uninstall the Google Chrome Browser. Once it’s uninstalled, just download the new version of Chrome and install it.

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